The Centre for European Constitutional Law (CECL) is a non- governmental organization, operating as a public benefit  foundation, with headquarters in Athens, Hellenic Republic (Greece). It was founded by the late Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Dimitris Th. Tsatsos in 1995 with the aim to support democratic institutions in Greece and the broader European area; promote the application of fundamental rights, the rule of law and the welfare state; deepen European integration; and strengthen international cooperation with respect to the cultural identity of each state. More specifically, CECL 1. provides institutional know-how and capacity-building to public bodies in Greece, European Union (EU) Member States and third countries, including candidate and potential candidate countries, 2. conducts theoretical and applied research in the fields of Greek, European and comparative law, fundamental rights, public institutions and public policies, 3. provides training and capacity building to actors engaged in activities related to its areas of expertise, in particular to justice professionals (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and others), Non-governmental/Civil Society Organisations (NGOs/CSOs), law enforcement and others, and 4. promotes public dialogue and awareness on democracy and European integration. CECL focuses on three broad thematic areas: Constitutional institutions and good governance (fundamental rights, modernisation of public administration and local government, justice, regulatory reform, combating corruption and organised crime); international and European institutions and policies (deepening European integration, competition and internal  market, justice and home affairs, equality and non- discrimination, immigration, environment and sustainable  development); and the welfare state, social and educational policy (employment and social security, combating social exclusion and promoting social inclusion, social welfare, health policy, education and vocational training). Since its establishment, the CECL implements its activities in over 20 countries within and outside Europe. It employs 10 full time employees with backgrounds in law, finance and social/political sciences, with many years of professional experience in project management and coordination. Moreover, CECL maintains a large network of external partners and experts across the EU and internationally with expertise on its thematic areas of work. CECL is certified with ISO 9001:2015 for the provision of services and with ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management System.

Webpage: https://www.cecl.gr/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IdrymaTsatsou/