CODECA aspires to establish itself as one of the leading organizations in the provision of services and research in the Euro-Mediterranean region in the areas of Social Welfare, Social Entrepreneurship and Education, utilizing new innovative means (technological or otherwise) to find solutions and address the various modern and complex challenges being faced by society.

The aim and core activities of CODECA refer to the social inclusion of marginalized people, at-risk population, vulnerable groups of people and minors. Currently, CODECA is the sole provider offering daily operation services to the First Reception Centre in the District of Nicosia (Pournara), and Reception and Accommodation Centers in the District of Larnaca (Kofinou & Limnes) where different teams provide 24h services to multiple age groups and nationalities of migrants. In addition, psychosocial support and empowerment activities are provided to socially excluded and vulnerable groups, with emphasis given to families with adolescents, teenagers, and migrants (Beneficiaries and Applicants of International Protection, third country nationals as well as Unaccompanied Minors). Also, voluntary services are provided to both adults and young people of the municipality where the organization’s central offices are located, aiming at encouraging them to foster their participation and active engagement into work, education, and social inclusion in the local society.

CODECA has designed an innovative intervention which offers housing solutions for Beneficiaries and Applicants of international protection, third country nationals, vulnerable and socially excluded groups as well as Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (UASCS). The shelters for the UASCS are semi-independent and the initiative in close collaboration with the Social Welfare Services. All Shelters are fully equipped to provide a homely atmosphere to the residents along with additional emotional and empowerment support so that they can start their lives independently and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, helping them become active and independent members of society.